Unchecky 1.2

Warns you when you try to accept a potentially unwanted offer

Consuming less than 2 MB altogether, Unchecky consists of two background processes that run silently and constantly at the back to make sure that no unwanted toolbar, program, or any other type of adware tool installs on your system along with the app you really wanted to install in the first place just because you forgot to uncheck the corresponding boxes. This tiny tool will do that for you.

The most typical scenario is that of an installer that comes with a number of offers regarding unrelated software that will be installed by default unless you stop to read what the offer is about and remember to uncheck the corresponding checkbox. In this case, Unchecky will clear all checked boxes (and only those boxes) that refer to unrequested software offers. Even more interesting is the warns you will get every time the program detects a possible unwanted installation of an unwanted program that you may have accepted accidentally or that is simply trying to install on your system without asking first.

Whatever suspicious activity Unchecky may detect during your program installations will be recorded in the program’s log, a very useful tool to help you avoid similar experiences in the future with specific software tools. Others will manage to fool Unchecky from time to time, especially when they come in a bundle with reputed software tools.

You can suspend the program’s activity at any time, especially if you don’t intend to install any new apps for the time being. However, in order to avoid forgetting to activate it before installing anything and knowing how very few of your system resources it does take, my recommendation is to leave it working in the background on a permanent basis, and just forget about yet another unwanted toolbar or video player once and for all.

Francisco Martínez
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Review summary


  • Works as a background process
  • Takes up very few resources
  • Logs all unchecked apps


  • Not 100 percent accurate
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